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Strategic thinking and planning

for future advantages.

``Our main goal is to provide the smb market with super sharp, retina ready websites that can fly.``

From our home base in Oslo, we are specialized in digital services and webdesign.

Nokaf consulting its a marketing, business and media agency that has outsourced our services to different media companies since 2014. 2019 is the year we break out from the shadows and dedicate our time to our clients.

Companies today are dependent on good online marketing strategies and digital development for great user experience. What might begin with a perfect website interface, can become a powerful marketing machine that generate traffic and convert customers out of visitors.
SEO, SEM, SOME powers or just engaging content for inbound marketing and networking vertical. Either way, we have your back!

Our clients are part of the team.

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Sharp elaborated design
to give the shape for vague ideas

Motion graphics, video graphics, WordPress, social media, design trends and marketing.

We enjoy optimizing businesses, but we also love to bring new ideas to life. That means if you are a small business entrepreneur or a company executive we want to be part of your team. Discuss with us solutions for your next project or how to elevate your startup. We hustle daily to create value for our clients. We put in the time, effort and hard work to make the most out of budgets and achieve successful ROI.


Benefits of cooperation with us

We are a team of adventurous and creative specialists from Norway.

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Experienced and highly professional team
We have unofficially been helping companies since 2014. Individually we have perfectionized our crafts to our fingertips, therefor we can forget sometimes its a job because we have so much fun.
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Open for new ideas and outstanding contacts
Sometimes the journey means more than the prize. Business relations is talented people thinking together about the same goals. Exchanging ideas and developing dreams, ambitions and solutions.
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Free thinking and enthusiastic cooperation
Nokaf Consulting is a company that encourage free thinking and creativity with no boundaries. Smart methods and customer oriented services.
Improvement for the perfection
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Coding is not everything, but many things. We want you to manage the important things in your business, and leave the less important things to us. Such as website, strategy planning, campaign management and winning the positioning game. My grandfather used to tell me that when your team play`s together, everyone of the team eats together.

Java script development
Web design
WordPress development
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Meet the creative team
of enthusiasts and professionals

We combine the best of our skills and ideas to change the idea of developing digital prints.

Saulo S. Oliveira
Yoshi L. J
Daniel Blu
Partner/PR Manager
Sheh Zad
High fives
for winning
$ Donated to charity
In two months
Cups of bracing coffee
To stay active
Lines of perfect code
Powerful code
Wordpress CMS is family
Content management system, means more time for content management!
We are thankful and humble for the great support from the WordPress community and from clients that believes in what we do.
Creative addiction with
Analytical result
A lot of changes have happen in the webdesign environment lately, and we are hooked on every aspect of it.
Motion graphics, video graphics, WordPress, social media, design trends and marketing tool`s is like breathing, eating and sleeping.